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AVIC International Holding Corporation (AVIC INTERNATIONAL) is a global diversified holding business group, under the control of Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). Our business involves aviation, electronics, International business, modern services, trade and bulk commodities and real estate and property services. The corporation owns 8 domestic and foreign listed companies, and has established over 150 branches in more than 60 countries and regions.

Our clients spread in over 180 countries and regions. Actively participating in building “the Belt and Road Initiative” and upholding the mission of "Go beyond Commerce for a Better World", AVIC INTERNATIONAL has engaged in project planning, general package, channel services and operations services to make Chinese manufacturing and production capacity go abroad. Hence AVIC International Kenya which is set to be its headquarters in Africa. The company has been present in the country for over 20 years running several ongoing projects in real estate, the company is currently involved in the construction of city complex Global Trade Center at the heart of Westlands Business District which is currently the largest investment in Nairobi County, also took part in the construction of Two Rivers Mall and the UAP Towers.

In Kenya, AVIC International in conjunction with the Ministry of Education have established a Vocational Education Training Project since the year 2010. This TVET program entails commissioning, installing and equipping public Technical Training Institutions with mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment. The company’s CSR project, Africa Tech Challenge emerged as a result of TVET and it has had 3 successful seasons since its inception in June 2014.

It is a youth empowerment project which seeks to equip the youth with technical skills and it is in the form of a training program and competition whereby the most outstanding participants receive fully sponsored masters degree scholarship to prestigious universities in China and cash prizes are also given to the winners. All ATC Participants receive certificates to show participation and outline the skills developed during the training which allows them to access internship/ attachment and job opportunities more easily.

ATC Season One

Held in 2014 at the Technical University of Kenya, ATC season one was in the form of a nationwide competition that saw students from various technical institutions compete in a technical challenge that entailed lathe machining, requiring the students from the various technical institutions to produce parts of selected machinery of those supplied to technical institutions in the TVET program. The challenge lasted for 40 days as it was divided into two stages, the first stage preliminaries lasted 5 days and stage two lasted 35 days which included the finals.

The three most outstanding participants Charity, Kevin and Paul were awarded full master’s degree scholarships to the most prestigious engineering schools in China and the top three teams won cash prizes of $1500, $1200 and $900. The top two teams (Kabete Technical Training Institution and Nyeri Technical Training Institution) walked away with the most coveted award of a commercial contract worth $100,000 that went into local manufacturing of spare parts for export to China. Both Kevin and Paul are currently pursuing their master’s degree in China while Charity will join them later next year as she just recently graduated with an undergraduate degree at the Kenyatta University.

ATC Season Two

Held in 2015 at the Shamberere Technical Training Institution, it included two competitions a mobile and a technical challenge. The training lasted for four weeks in both challenges with the first two weeks as preliminary and the last two weeks as finals, Mobile Challenge took place at Kenya Teachers Training College (KTTC) in Nairobi.

Fifty applicants were chosen and were taken through a contest in the form of training and Hackathon (Elimination competition) that lasted for four weeks. The challenge was a competition that required the recent graduates and final year students in IT selected to develop a web based application following guidelines offered during training.

It was supervised by a panel of experts. The Technical challenge top three winners were awarded US $5,000, US $2,000 and US $1,000 respectively. Once again, the six winning teams were awarded with a cash prize and the three most outstanding participants with scholarships to study in the most prestigious Engineering Universities in China.

ATC Season Three

Held in 2016, a technical challenge dubbed ‘Made in Kenya ‘launched by the principal secretary of Education Dr. Dinah Mwinzi on the 12th July at the intercontinental hotel Nairobi. The Challenge took place at the Technical University of Kenya and included a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) challenge to expose the students to advanced technology.

The competition also went regional with the inclusion of participants from technology-based institutions and universities in neighboring Uganda, Zambia and Ghana. The final competitions for basic lathe and CNC machine were held at the same school on 30th August to 5th September.

The six winning teams from the basic lathe machine challenge and top three teams from the CNC challenge were awarded with a cash prize, the three most outstanding participants with scholarships to study in the most prestigious Engineering Universities in China and they were guided in winning a manufacturing tender and internship opportunities with AVIC International and other affiliated companies.

ATC Season Four

Held in 2017 November to December, It was a civil construction skill based challenge dubbed “Jenga Vijana “ that focused on 3 civil construction-based skills, carpentry, brick-laying and steelworks. The competition attracted 105 participants, 40 in Carpentry, 25 in Brick Laying, and 40 in Steel works. where the participants were trained on three disciplines namely; Carpentry, Brick laying and Steel works.

The training for Jenga Vijana participants was conducted by experts from ZJCC Construction and Engineering, one of the world’s foremost construction companies. Training at the Global Trade Centre site ensured that they were exposed to the best talent and machinery, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The challenge was launched on the 27th of November by the Principal Secretary, State Department of Vocational and Training, Ministry of Youth, Dr. Dinah Mwinzi.

The season’s main objective was to empower the youth through employment, job creation in the Kenyan construction sector, this led to the awarding of the ATC season 4 25 finalist with Employment at the site. we believe this will highly contribute towards decreasing the high unemployment rate in the country.

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